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MicroPython & ULP/RTC Memory

MicroPython & ULP/RTC Memory

Big power advantages exist for using the ULP ( Ultra Low Power ) processor for regular tasks like recording a state change from a GPIO or ADC input, storing the information within the RTC memory, then waking the main CPU up when the information needs to be transmitted via Lora.… Read More

e-Bike Lithium Ion Load Tester

e-Bike Lithium Ion Load Tester

Using power resistors is not feasable, but AC halogen bulbs are easily sources up to 500W , so multiple bulbs can be used to vary the current

500bulb watts
28.8bulb resistance
52battery voltage

So on a 52V battery pack a 500w halogen bulb would draw about 1.8Amps

Voltage can be monitored with a simple voltage divider to lower the 52V to something suitable ( < 3v probably )

Current can be monitored with a shunt

30A FL-2 DC 75mV Current Shunt Resistor for Ammeter Amperemeter Panel Meter

This instructables guide would be a good starting point

Could be better to stick with one technology AKA PyCom
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