UAV parachute recovery system

In the event that something goes horribly wrong while at high altitude it makes sense that things come back down under a bit of control!

What i’m struggling to solve is how to design the deployment system so that it does not tangle around the props when the UAV is falling in a tumble. I’m currently imagining a tub with either spring loaded deployment mechanism or a ballistic launch system.

Circular Wireless 5.8GHz Helical Antenna

A great antenna for long range FPV with the same circular polarisation as the clover leaf and skew antennas

Available in the UK from

UAV Gimbals

A brushless motor gimbal is the only way to really get a smooth filming platform

Programmable LED strips

These are perfect for so many cool applications. I really want to upgrade the static red and white LED strips on my Quadcopter with these so that the whole strips and function as a white strobe as well as navaigation lights and also to show warning events, like low battery etc.

32 LEDs per meter –


60 LEDs per meter –

Arduino code library –

It is a shame that the newer 60 LEDs per meter strips require a more accurate timing signal but the link above suggests that this should not be a problem for the modern Arduino boards.

Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Weatherproof Strip 60 LED -1m

Giff Gaff – call waiting

Call waiting activate call waiting *43#
Call waiting cancel call waiting #43#

Arducopter – the reason electric motors were invented

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